Our Product

we provide extensive product range with various items for you to pick. 100% Genuine items complete with data sheet, we ensure the product quality from best brands. Below we list many products that we supply, and if you need anything specific, don't hesitate to contact us at salessupport@asiamegamas.com

Electrical and Automation


Circuit protection & circuit breaker Contactors Control relays Fluid control system Industrial switches Sensors & transducers Solenoids Sounder & beacons


Brackets Cabinet hardware Enclosures Material transport & conveyor components


Circuit breakers Fuse holder Fuse tools & testing Fuses


Air filter & accessories Fan parts & accessories Fans HVAC sensor & controller


General purpose relay & accessories Interface relay modules & accessories Solid state relays & accessories


DIP & SIP switches Foot switches & accessories Microswitches & accessories Modular switches & accessories Push button switches & accessories Rocker switches & accessories Rotary switches & accessories Toggle switches & accessories

Electronic, Power and Connector


Power connector Terminal blocks Din rails terminals Terminal & splices Audio & video connectors Circular connectors PCB connectors

Passive components

Capacitors Fixed resistors Variable resistors Sounder & buzzer Surge protection components

Power Supply

Power inverter Power supplies Transformers

Mechanical Products, Tools and Lubrications

Adhesives, Sealant & Tapes

Adhesives & glues Sealant Tapes

Fasteners and Fixing

Fasteners kits Hooks & eyes Nails, Nut & washers Pins, keys & retaining Rivet & rivet tools Screws & bolts Spacers & Standoffs Threated rods & studs

Material Supply

Sea sand Silica sand Stone Alloy steel Brass Bronze Cast iron Stainless steel

Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Power Transmission

Electric actuators, Hydraulic & pneumatic tools, Pneumatic &hydraulic pressure gauges, Power transmission-clutches & brakes, Power transmission-gears

Pumps and Valves

Pneumatic valves, Electric valves, Water valves, Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Gear pumps, Chemical pumps, Magnetic Drive Pumps

Tools and Hand tools

Air Power Tools Clamp & Vices Corded/Cordless Power Tools Screwdrivers & Screw Extractors Soldering & De-Soldering Tools Spanners & Sockets